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Peopleplus utilises one of the most modern data centres in South Africa. The security in the data centre consists of visible and invisible physical measures and other facilities to guarantee an uninterrupted service.

Climate Control

The heat output of servers is considerable, and without environmental control, servers will fail or have their lifetime reduced considerably. To compensate for the heat output of Hetzner servers, all Data Centres are fitted with Air Conditioning systems designed to provide maximum cooling for the server environment. The Air Conditioners were installed and are maintained by experts, ensuring maximum efficiency.

The Remote Technology (RT) systems provide an early warning of air conditioner failure or other unusual environmental conditions. Should a fault or failure be detected, all our Data Centres are equipped with redundant Air Conditioner capacity.


All visitors to the Data Centres must be accompanied by a Hetzner employee at all times .Access to the Cape Town Data Centres is controlled by a Biometric fingerprint access system. Hetzner is able to manage the movements of staff by identifying and verifying them with this fingerprint technology.

To access the Johannesburg Data Centres, employees need to pass through the building's security check points as well as Biometric Access control before reaching the actual Data Centre's keypad access system. A unique combination is entered into the keypad which will then disengage the magnetic hold on the doors.

24/7 Monitoring of premises
All South African Data Centres are monitored by CCTV cameras. In addition each building premises is patrolled by 24/7 on-site security guards.

UPS & Generators

A redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is installed to ensure clean power is delivered to our network and to instantly protect servers from any power interruptions. A diesel power generator takes over in the case of an outage. All Hetzner UPS's have battery backup.

Fire Protection

Hetzner Data Centres are fitted with fire detection and fire suppression systems. When there is confirmation of a fire, the Suppression system releases an Argon-Nitrogen mixture which decreases the oxygen level to below the point at which combustion can take place.


Hetzner's primary uplink is managed by a redundant pair of Juniper edge routers in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. In addition two redundant fibre routes connect Hetzner?s edge routers to its upstream network provider from where the network breaks-out onto the internet. By using the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Hetzner engineers are able to manage routing between Hetzner and other upstream providers, minimising the impact of network abuse and degradation.

The core network in all Hetzner data centres makes use of the latest Juniper technology boasting a high level of redundancy and network throughput. With the implementation of Virtual Chassis technology Hetzner has created a single logical network in each geographic location where its data centres are based.

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