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Peopleplus brings you flexiplus, a flexible HR and Payroll software pricing model based on a monthly per head cost,
that makes economic cents for small, medium or large enterprises.

Peopleplus has always been a leader when it comes to providing quality, accurate, easy to use and affordable HR and Payroll software solutions for business. Regardless whether your business is small-medium or large the Peopleplus software has all the functionality you will require and when coupled with the flexiplus pricing model, affordability becomes a non-issue.

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HR Software Includes:


HR Information

Integrated Human Resources Management

The PeoplePlus Human Resource Information System enables you to manage critical Human Resource activities while staying focused on your core business.

Human Resource departments can spend inordinate amounts of time on paper-intensive, administrative tasks, such address changes, benefit enrolment, paper approval routings and management reports. These maintenance tasks leave little time for HR professionals to be proactive and strategic in their jobs.

The PeoplePlus Human Resource Information System is truly collaborative. The system is based on a powerful user management system that enables individuals, teams, groups and associates privileged access to information and to share information amongst one another. User access is soft configurable based on module, pages and fields.

The Employee Self Service module offers a wide range of services that may be expanded or limited based on business requirements. The module allows employees to authenticate themselves, update their own personal information, apply for leave, view leave balances and other administrative information. If coupled with the Job Profiler and Performance Manager, employees and other selected individuals can even participate in job analysis and performance appraisals.

All PeoplePlus products are web-based and can be acquired as hosted or locally installed services. Our Talent Management suite of products is packed with comprehensive functionality at competitive prices.

The PeoplePlus Human Resources Information System presents considerable opportunities for organisations – large, medium and small, to automate Human Resources business processes and thereby contribute to better productivity and efficiency.

What we Deliver

Informed Decision Making

HR decisions are based on facts, not fiction. The database can be interrogated to provide information that is both meaningful and ultimately leads to enhanced business decisions.

Empowered Employees

The system allows Human Resource professionals to focus on strategic issues, yet at the same time provide employees with access to information through the self service function.

Integrated Database

Information flow is well managed as all data is stored in a central location ensuring that changes are made within all the PeoplePlus systems from one entry point.


Leave Management

Anyone who has applied for leave knows the frustration of form-filling – and waiting as the hard copy travels up and down the approval hierarchy. The PeoplePlus electronic Leave Management module with its powerful features, cuts out the physical movements and enables HR to have a bird’s eye view of the leave situation in the company, and make decisive, on-the-spot approval decisions.

But what is power without flexibility? The PeoplePlus Leave Management module enables HR not just to uphold standard leave policies, but cater to “special cases”, and make decisions which are objective and compassionate. All this translates to huge cost savings in paper and manpower and a boost to staff morale.

  • Online application for leave without the need for paperwork.

  • Email notifications to approving officer and applicants, as well as notifyees.

  • Applicant and Approving Officer can see complete leave records and approval history respectively.

  • Leave records are updated automatically once applications are approved.

  • Leave records may be printed out or generated into reports.

  • Leave records may be exported to any backend system.

  • Accommodates “exceptional cases” in HR policies, such as special leave entitlement for individuals.

  • Advanced Features such as delegation, block leave, document tracking, leave adjustment.

  • Leave calendar provides a bird's eye view of who's on leave.

  • All leave policies are configurable (i.e. no software customization required).


Tasks & Reminders

The PeoplePlus system offers an easy-to-use Tasks and Reminders module with popup and email notifications, which allows employees to add Tasks and Reminders for themselves, assign them to multiple other employees, and also acts as a supervisor dashboard. This is achieved by allowing supervisors to manage their employees’ Leave and Training approvals, and to complete Performance Appraisals, all from one screen within the system. Employees are also able to manage Workflow Tasks that have been assigned to them from this page, creating a simple responsibility tracker.

  • Setup own Tasks and Reminders.

  • Assign to multiple employees.

  • Task and Reminder dashboard.



At its simplest definition, workflow is the movement of tasks through a work process, and for many people, the idea of Human Resources and workflow in business involves the improvement of processing paperwork. Workflow is the operational aspect of a work procedure: how tasks are structured, who performs them, how they are synchronised, how tasks are tracked; the tasks involved in determining workflow are numerous and can have a serious impact on a business' productivity. The most common HR processes include new engagements, terminations, leave and training applications.

The PeoplePlus Workflow module gives HR professionals the functionality to re-engineer their HR processes and assist with the efficient running of their HR department. Consequently, a range of benefits are achieved - including process visibility, which is a key factor for tracking progress.

The PeoplePlus Workflow module automates HR workflow processes and procedures to ensure related tasks are processed and procedures are followed in accordance with company policies on a timely basis. With the PeoplePlus Workflow module, involved staff members can receive specific tasks to action, and progress can be tracked and managed in a single system. Automation and centralisation can also help with compliance and legal formalities.


Performance Appraisals

PeoplePlus has developed two performance appraisal solutions, which are the 360 Performance Management System (more information is available by clicking the Performance Management Solution tab), and the 180 Performance Appraisal. The basic differences between the two systems are the following:

  • The 360 Performance Management module is more complex and was designed to be a Multi-Rating system where input from multiple levels within the organisation, as well as externally, is required to evaluate an employee’s performance, and is ideal for higher levels of staff and sales departments.

  • The 180 Performance assessment is between the Supervisor/Manager and subordinate, and allows for a one-in-one rating, making it ideal for your lower levels of staff.

  • The Performance Appraisal module is a scaled down version of the 360 Performance Management module, and is better suited for certain levels of employees where all interactions of performance are between Manager/Supervisor and subordinate.


Document Manager

A company’s HR department is the central point of contact for employees who require documents. To alleviate the pressure and ensure time- and cost-management, PeoplePlus has created a Document Manager, which allows the organisation to upload standard company documents, such as Policies, Procedures, Forms and Handbooks, for easy download by employees.

Company documents can be uploaded into the system with viewing privileges through the User Groups, ensuring that no documents can be downloaded by employees that should not have access to them. Employee personal documents, such as Contracts of Employment, copies of ID documents etc. can also be added into the system, with access being controlled, again, through the system’s User Group setup.

  • Multiple document categories

  • Unlimited documents

  • Specified, secure viewing privileges

  • Company and Employee document displays


Advanced HR Report Writer

The PeoplePlus Report Writer helps organisations to make better decisions and optimize important processes. Today, Managers and HR practitioners need immediate access to persuasive reports and visualizations of critical talent management data.

It is this combination of timelines and presentation that turns simple data into compelling information that illuminates real human processes.

Transforming Data into Information

The concept of information effectiveness describes this important transformation of data from simple numbers to meaningful information that drives business decisions at all levels of the organisation. In other words, using data strategically helps to improve business processes and decision-making.

Company documents can be uploaded into the system with viewing privileges through the User Groups, ensuring that no documents can be downloaded by employees that should not have access to them. Employee personal documents, such as Contracts of Employment, copies of ID documents etc. can also be added into the system, with access being controlled, again, through the system’s User Group setup.

Good business intelligence drives good decisions at all levels.

  • Multiple standard reports covering all aspects of talent management.

  • Easy to use plain English reporting means that all users can use the reporting tools to create informative and dramatic reports that are of genuine use to your business.

  • Build Custom reports on the fly.

  • Standard reports can be generated and sorted by holding company, division, branch, cost center or any combination thereof.

  • Transform data into useful information. Give managers the information they need to make decisions.

  • Optimize business performance by transforming the way your people use data.

  • Highly targeted reporting for specific groups of users – one size does not fit all.

  • Increased consistency in presenting data.

  • PeoplePlus’s reporting features are built in. That means no third party add-ons and full integration (and support).

  • A single click will convert the report into an MS Office report in Excel.

  • Report creation, viewing and edit rights.

  • Employment Equity reports by holding company, division, branch, cost center or any combination thereof.

  • Publish reports with built in security. This means a single report template can be used by all users but they will only see data relevant to them.


Save any Report. Save it for later and avoid having to recreate it each time.

  • Standard Reports

  • Increased Consistency


Employment Equity Reports (EEA2 & EEA4)

The PeoplePlus HR system has various built-in reports, some of these being legislative statutory reports, such as the EEA2 and EEA4.

These reports can be generated at the click of a button from within the system, and will display in the correct, updated format, as required by the Department of Labour. It automatically allocates and displays employees on the report based on the data that has been captured in the system.

This data is easily verified by hovering the mouse pointer over the numbers that appear in each section, which will display the names of the employees that have been allocated to that section. To correct any discrepancies, it’s as easy as correcting the employee profile and then regenerating the report.


Statutory Reports

To ensure ease-of-use and time saving processes in the PeoplePlus system, we have included statutory reports, such as the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR). These reports are built to display in the required formats, as per the client’s SETA, and automatically allocates and displays employees on the report based on the data that has been captured in the system.

As with the Employment Equity Report (EEA2), the report data is easily verified by hovering the mouse pointer over the numbers that appear in each section, which will display the names of the employees that have been allocated to that section. Discrepancies are easily corrected by adjusting the system data and regenerating the reports.

  • Employment Equity reports (EEA2 and EEA4) generated in format

  • Training reports (Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report) generated in format

  • Online verifications of employee



PeoplePlus’s HR and Payroll system is managed by an easy-to-use Administration Module.

Our system Configuration and Setup, and day-to-day management of the system are all handled using simple add and edit functions. This allows the system to be managed with easy clicks of a mouse, and your selections can always be changed at the touch of a button.

Benefits of PeoplePlus’s revolutionary Administration Module:

  • System access is controlled by our User Groups and Employee Groups, which are controlled by selecting users’ access rights via tick boxes. It’s that simple!

  • All system Configuration and Setup screens are table-based, which allows for easy additions, edits and deletions.

  • System management is controlled in one area of the system, saving you time and hassle. Multiple users can be assigned to manage different parts of the system, allowing you to have specialised Administrators with one Super Administrator.


Employee Self Service(ESS)

Human Resource managers are constantly being challenged to increase efficiency and provide better employee services. The PeoplePlus Employee Self Service (ESS) module gives the entire workforce immediate access to critical information, helping to attract and retain the highest quality employees, and enabling more effective communication across the organisation.

The PeoplePlus Employee Self Service (ESS) is a combination of technology and organisational change that enables users to interact directly with their Human Resource data to enquire, review and act upon transactions in the workplace. The PeoplePlus ESS module provides a relatively "paperless" office, streamlined business processes, and the elimination of labour intensive administrative tasks for Human Resource staff because employees and managers conduct basic transactions via computer that were formerly completed on paper forms and then processed by HR staff.

The PeoplePlus ESS module creates a single, secure repository for confidential HR information and processes. It provides an easy-to-navigate environment that is accessible by all employees, regardless of where they are located, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access rights for each employee is established by HR and are typically determined by the employee's position in the company organisational hierarchy, department, and key job functions.


Disciplinary Builder

If you own or manage a business, the chances are that sooner or later you will see the inside of a crowded office of the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).

A staggering 160 000 employees take their employers to the CCMA every year in South Africa. In these arbitration hearings, a relatively large percentage of business owners lose their cases when trying to comply with South Africa’s rather restrictive labour legislation.

Why is this you may ask? Put simply, employers, in most instances, have valid grounds to follow disciplinary action but fail to follow the correct procedure. Most business managers and/or owners have a limited knowledge about the various procedural aspects of the disciplinary process, and when their defence has failed based on not following procedure, they typically end up paying employees compensation of up to 8 months of his/her salary. This can be as much as 24 months in severe awards against an employer.

This easy to use intergrated module provides you with:

Disciplinary Code – The PeoplePlus system is populated with a comprehensive disciplinary code which includes explanatory notes on each offence, and when best to use a type of offence.

Progressive Discipline – PeoplePlus categorises offences into minor, serious, very serious and dismissible, as well as guidelines as to what constitutes an offence under each category.

Process Driven – PeoplePlus guides you through the process thereby ensuring you comply with the procedural aspects of disciplinary management.

Auto Generated Forms - Once information is entered, the PeoplePlus system will automatically generate the required forms such as verbal/written warnings, notification to attend an enquiry, disciplinary enquiry findings and appeal findings.

Disciplinary warning time frames – PeoplePlus auto detects when a warning period has expired and places these expired warnings in the archived section.

Reporting – Reports can be generated on numerous fields to obtain an overall picture of disciplinary management in the business.


Learning / Training Management

The administrative management requirements for training, learnerships and internships can be arduous. The responsibilities involved in running a successful workplace ICT skills development programme includes the coordination of a large number of stakeholders, such as learners/interns, trainers, workplace mentors, assessors, moderators, employers and the relevant SETA. Over and above that, training targets and time frames have to be monitored to ensure that the curriculum is covered and that practical training is conducted within specified periods.

It is against this backdrop that PeoplePlus developed the administration and management functions of its Learning Management System. We created a tightly integrated set of functions that share and track learning interventions between requirements for designations and employee capability. To give you even more flexibility, you can use our graduate recruitment system as a companion module to acquire new graduate employees, learners and bursary applications. If used in combination with the PeoplePlus Learning Management System, we provide a powerful platform to track training for learners, generate personal development plans, execute training interventions and generate Work Place Skills Plans.

Our Learning Management System is designed to enforce required training, by designation, through preferred suppliers, training programmes, an event schedule and SETA compliant assessment and reporting tools.

Clear definitions of your requirements
Our technology allows you to clearly pre-define your training requirements for each designation in your business. This allows for the application of a consistent set of education standards throughout the organisation.

Enriching your workforce
Our technology assigns responsibility for managing and development of the talent inventory to accountable individuals. To support these processes, we supply selection tools, personal development profiles and tracking capability at every level.


Performance Management

At PeoplePlus, we believe that being busy is not the same as producing results.

We also believe that training, strong commitment and hard work alone do not deliver results.

Our Performance Management technology is therefore built to allow you to focus on the achievement of results. At the heart of our Performance Management technology is our Dynamic Job Profiler, the first job description that can change with the business and the market to which it is directed. The profile contains company, team and individual goals that span across the entire business, thereby creating uniform objectives for all. Associated with each objective is a quantifiable measurement standard. These form a performance score card that may be used as a goal set for employees and as a measuring instrument for managers and executives.

Our flexible technology allows you to implement almost any Performance Management methodology of your choice. We fully support both competency or output based definitions that form the foundation of all performance assessments.The PeoplePlus 360 degree assessments give a full view of employee’s strengths, and areas where improvement may be required. Performance measurements may be executed at regular intervals or on an ad hoc basis. Contributors to the performance measurement may include managers, co-workers, clients and subordinates. The evaluation results may be weighted to produce optimum affectivity.

Simply put, our Performance Management technology includes services to ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. The PeoplePlus Job Profiler and Performance Manager are available as an ASP service or a locally installed application within your network.

What we Deliver

Everyone, at all levels, is aligned to the corporate strategy with unlimited scalability, ease of use, and data access.

A common user experience exists throughout the technology
With a single integrated database.

Support is provided for multiple Performance Management methodologies
With flexible scorecard technology.

Performance assessments may be scheduled
With intervals best suited to your organisation.

360-degree perspectives
With access to internal and external evaluators, each with their review cards tailored to obtain maximum value.

A protected data environment exists
With role-based levels of data access and security that limits data access to specific authorised individuals.

A comprehensive visual display of performance data
With views on employee, team and company performance is automatically generated.

All elements of your operation is completely integrated
With our intelligent Job Descriptions, Human Resources Management, Training and Resourcing modules.


Talent Management (E-Recruitment)

PeoplePlus recognises that all successful organisations share one very important quality …
the ability to attract, employ, retain and develop great people.

In the broadest possible terms, Talent Management is the strategic management of the flow of talent through an organisation. Its purpose is to assure that a supply of talent is available to align the right people with the right jobs at the right time based on strategic business objectives.

The Talent Management System is the jewel in the crown of the PeoplePlus Employee Relationship Management System. It makes use of all the other system modules to match employees to positions within the business. This includes the Profiler, Employee Details, Succession Management, Training and Performance Management. The Talent Manager makes use of a comprehensive position profile and compares it to the profiles of employees, applicants and succession candidates to recommend the best suited individuals for a position. The accompanying graphical competency gap analysis may be used to develop individual training and development plans.

The Talent Manager incorporates a comprehensive recruitment management system that is fully integrated with all elements of the ERM System, including the Payroll system.

Our unmatched experience in corporate e-recruitment implementations, product flexibility and unwavering dedication to customer support makes PeoplePlus the undisputed leader in this field. Talent Management is a strategic PeoplePlus solution offering. Our services are available as ASP solutions or may be installed on your own network.

What we Deliver

Our technology assigns responsibility for managing the talent inventory to the correct person, who is responsible for results, not effort.

Measures and rewards
Our technology enables you to institute a system of measures and rewards that ensures that every recruiter is recognised and rewarded for excellence in people management. It simultaneously measures employee performance to ensure that managers reach their productivity goals.

Business approach
Our approach is not derived from an overhead or administration model. It is developed from, and mirrors, other successful business process models, like supply chain management, finance, and customer relationship management.

Recognition of the business cycle
Our talent management approach recognises that different types of talent are required depending on changing business situations. As a result, our technology enables the continuous internal movement of talent in and out of positions and business units based on current business needs and where the company is in its business cycle.


OHS Management

The PeoplePlus Occupational Health and Safety module is in line with the PeoplePlus strategy to provide business with cost effective, easy to use Total Human Capital Management services and support, all within one solution. The OHS module is in collaboration with John Patch & Associates, recognised experts in the field of risk management for over 20 years. Regardless of the size of your business or industry, compliance is a non negotiable in terms of legislation. It is the legal responsibility of the employer to provide the employee a safe workplace that will not be detrimental to his/her safety or health.

In terms of Section 38(2) of the OHS Act, the penalties for non-compliance with the requirements of the Act are as follows –

  • A fine not exceeding R100 000; and/or

  • Imprisonment for a period not exceeding 2 years.

The persons normally most exposed to these penalties as well as reputation risk are the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Heads of Departments and other members of management, all in their personal capacities. Why take the risk when compliance is made easy with the PeoplePlus OHS Module?

What the PeoplePlus OHS Risk management module provides:

  • First Aid medicine – Log and control the issuing of all medicine and expenses.

  • First Aid consumables – Log and control the use of medical consumables and expenses.

  • Injury on Duty – Manage and control IOD. Integrated with the Leave Management system.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Control the issuing of PPE to employees.

  • Medical surveillance – Monitor and control employee medical surveillance, as required by law.

  • Employee certification – Monitor and control employee first aid, safety and equipment usage certification.

  • Equipment Asset Register – Log and control all assets. The system automatically notifies you in advance of renewals in terms of vehicle licenses and equipment certification.

  • Contractor Management – Manage and control contractors. Ensure contractors comply with OHS requirements.

  • OHS compliance library – 150 ready to use documents (updated regularly).

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